University Excellence in Teaching Award

Nominations for Northeastern’s Excellence in Teaching Award are made by students. They consider several criteria, including depth of knowledge in the subject, the rigor of course content, and ability to provide effective links among course content, research, and experiential learning.

2020 Honorees


Michelle Beauchesne
Associate Professor of Nursing

Carolyn Lee-Parsons
Associate Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology and Chemical Engineering


Denise Garcia 
Associate Professor of Political Science and International Affairs

James Monaghan 
Assistant Professor of Biology


Benjamin Lerner
Lecturer in Computer Sciences

Brooke Foucault Welles
Assistant Professor of Communication Studies


Carlene Hempel
Lecturer in Arts, Media and Design

Mya Poe
Assistant Professor of English


Amy M. Briesch
Assistant Professor of Counseling and Applied Psychology

John Engen
Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Nader Jalili
Professor of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering


Tova Olson Sanders
Assistant Academic Specialist in Education and Organizational Leadership

Dennis Shaughnessy
Executive Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation


Julie Hertenstein
Associate Professor of Accounting

Rupal Patel
Associate Professor of Speech Language Pathology and Audiology and Computer Sciences


Erin Cram
Assistant Professor of Biology

Michael Pollastri
Associate Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology


Lori Gardinier
Associate Academic Specialist in Human Services

Gregory Goodale
Assistant Professor of Communication Studies