Goldwater Scholarship

This national award—the most prestigious undergraduate science scholarship in the country—is granted annually to top sophomores and juniors studying math, science, or engineering. Goldwater Scholars must demonstrate outstanding potential for and interest in pursuing a career in research.

2022 Honorees

Giona Kleinberg

E'23, bioengineering and biochemistry major, data science minor

B. Parazin

S'23, physics major, math minor

Ari Zlota

S'23, biochemistry major, behavioral neuroscience minor



Sabrina Bond
S’22, behavioral neuroscience major

Spencer Jacobs-Skolik
E’22, electrical engineering major

Cameron Young
E/S’22, chemical engineering and biochemistry major


Shellaina Gordon
S’21, biochemistry major

Max Daniels
KCS’22, computer science and math combined major, physics minor


Minhal Amhed
E’19, bioengineering major, mathematics minor

Isaac Kresse
S/E’19, double major in chemistry and computer engineering

Kritika Singh
E’20, bioengineering major, chemistry minor

Elizabeth Wig
E’20, electrical engineering major, mathematics minor


Benjamin Moran
S’18, marine biology major

Hannah Tam
S’19, biochemistry major, economics and history minors