Undergraduate Education

Executive Vice Provost

The Executive Vice Provost works closely with the deans and academic institutes under the Provost’s Office to ensure alignment with the academic plan and support their aspirations. In addition, he oversees academic program development and governance, academic units and programs under the Provost’s office, institutional assessment and evaluation, and the Office of the Registrar.


Associate Vice Provost for Research Safety and Education

The Associate Vice Provost for Education and Research Safety provides leadership to promote and cultivate a safety climate through which every member of the University community prioritizes their own safety as well as the safety of those around them as a shared value. This enhanced and inclusive emphasis on safety will encompass teaching and research laboratories, associated support spaces, student activity and other hands-on learning spaces, and field activities related to education and research.

Associate Vice Provost of Institutional Assessment and Evaluation

The Associate Vice Provost of Institutional Assessment and Evaluation (AVP-IAE) leads the systematic assessment of student learning across academic programs. The AVP-IAE develops and evolves the central structure, technical tools and resources that support collaboration with each college. The goal is to nurture a highly effective and responsive culture of data-driven continuous improvement and ensure compliance with NECHE accreditation standards on educational effectiveness.