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Required GIEL Coursework

Many Gordon Fellow Candidates pursue the Gordon Engineering Leadership Program as part of one of many Master of Science degrees offered by Northeastern University. For most master’s degree programs the total number of required semester-hours remains the same when pursuing an MS degree with the Graduate Certificate in Engineering Leadership. Upon completion, students earn both the Master of Science Degree and a Graduate Certificate in Engineering Leadership.

All GIEL coursework requirements are completed over the course of one calendar year. Additional coursework required to earn a Master of Science degree can be completed before, after, or in parallel with the following GIEL coursework requirements. Learn more about compatible MS degree program options by visiting the Degree and Certificate Options page.

All students will be required to complete the following 16 semester-hours of Gordon Engineering Leadership coursework regardless of their chosen master’s degree program.


Engineering Leadership 1

ENLR 5121 – 2 semester-hours

Covers elements of engineering practices such as product engineering (system design and engineering, integration, and documentation); engineering leadership (team building, communication, leadership styles, ethical behavior, and conflict resolution); market assessment (engineering economics, business plans, intellectual property, risk assessment, and mitigation); and engineering excellence (quality, reliability, serviceability, manufacturability, procurement, and problem solving).

Engineering Leadership 2

ENLR 5122 – 2 semester-hours

Continues the examination of engineering practices begun in ENLR 5121.

Scientific Principles of Engineering 1

ENLR 5131 – 2 semester-hours

Presents the fundamental science underlying engineering disciplines. Develops a conceptual framework to understand interdisciplinary engineering practice and to make informed, back-of-the-envelope, quantitative estimates. Covers topics such as principles of mechanics and mechanics of materials, wave physics, quantum physics, statistical and thermal physics, fluid physics, Maxwell’s equations and constitutive relations, and topics in chemistry and biology.

Scientific Principles of Engineering 2

ENLR 5132 – 2 semester-hours

Continues the examination of fundamental science begun in ENLR 5131.

Engineering Leadership Challenge Project 1

ENLR 7440 – 4 semester-hours


Offers students the opportunity to develop and present a plan for the demonstration of a marketable technology product or prototype. This course is the first half of a thesis-scale project in technology commercialization.

Engineering Leadership Challenge Project 2

ENLR 7442 – 4 semester-hours

Continues ENLR 7440, a thesis-scale project in technology commercialization. Offers students the opportunity to demonstrate their development of a marketable technology product or prototype and produce a written documentary report on the project to the satisfaction of an advising committee.