Total Semester Hours Required: 33

Students pursuing the MS in Bioengineering with a Graduate Certificate in Engineering Leadership must complete 16 semester-hours of required GIEL coursework, 5 semester-hours of bioengineering core coursework, and 12 semester-hours of coursework in their chosen Bioengineering concentration.

Please refer to the Bioengineering homepage for the most up-to-date course requirements and other program information.

Required GIEL Coursework

All students will be required to complete the following 16 semester-hours of Gordon Engineering Leadership coursework. Please visit the curriculum page for complete course descriptions.

ENLR 5121 Engineering Leadership 1 2
ENLR 5122 Engineering Leadership 2 2
ENLR 5131 Scientific Principles of Engineering 1 2
ENLR 5132 Scientific Principles of Engineering 2 2
ENLR 7440 Engineering Leadership Challenge Project 1 4
ENLR 7442 Engineering Leadership Challenge Project 2 4

Bioengineering Core Coursework

Students complete all 5 semester-hours of the following Bioengineering Engineering coursework.

BIOE 7390 Seminar 0
BIOE 6100 Medical Physiology 4
BIOE 6000 Principles of Bioengineering 1

Bioengineering Concentration Options

Students will also complete 12 semester-hours in one of the following Bioengineering concentrations: Biomechanics, Biomedical Devices and Bioimaging, Cell and Tissue Engineering, or Systems, Synthetic, and Computational Bioengineering.

Students will select elective coursework in consultation with their academic advisor. More than one technical elective is allowed if approved by an academic advisor.

Biomedical Devices and Bioimaging

BIOE 5235 Biomedical Imaging 4
BIOE 5250 Design, Manufacure, and Evaluation of Medical Devices 4
BIOE 5810 Design of Biomedical Instrumentation 4

Cell and Tissue Engineering

BIOE 5410 Molecular Bioengineering 4
BIOE 5420 Cellular Engineering 4
Elective Elective 4


ME 5665 Musculoskeletal Biomechanics 4
ME 5650 Multiscale Biomechanics 4
Elective Elective 4