Digital Safety

NU Travelers must take steps to protect personal and university-owned devices from theft and loss.  Travelers should also configure devices at the maximum security levels, so that if they are stolen, your personal and the university’s data stay private.  The university recommends travelers:

  1. Back up your data to Northeastern’s network before departing and travel with a clean computer.  Loaner computers are available at the Help & Information Desk, located to the left of the entrance on the first floor of the Snell Library.
  2. Use of VPNs and remote access while abroad typically keeps travelers more secure. Travelers won’t lose data if the computer is misplaced or stolen, as their data remains on the NU servers in Boston.
  3. Seek guidance from NU’s Office of Information Security at OIS@NEU.EDU prior to departing.  Please also refer to the following links: