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Please fully read the instructions in the accordion below before filling out our online submission form.

Please review the following instructions BEFORE completing the online incident report.

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Background Information

Your full name: (e.g. John Husky)

Your position/title: (e.g. Student, Associate Professor, Community Member, etc)

Your phone number: (e.g. 617-373-4390)

Your physical address: this should be your local address, residence hall/room, office

Nature of this report: select – “Global Incident Abroad” (unless this report has information about a Title IX incident).

Date of incident: use the calendar tool and select the date the alleged incident occurred

Time of incident: if applicable, please choose the time of the incident – for academic integrity cases or ongoing violations, please leave this blank

Location of incident: Please choose “off campus”.

Specific location of incident: Please give the specific location of the incident (e.g. Room 212, 1313 Mockingbird Lane – Apartment 4, etc).

Involved Parties

Please provide as much information as possible – if you are unsure about something, please leave it blank.

Name or Organization: (e.g. Jane Husky, Underwater Basket Weaving Club, etc)

Sex: Select male/female

Role: Select the role of the individual/organization entered above. (e.g. alleged, victim, or witness)

ID Number: NUID (e.g. 000123456)

DOB: Date of Birth (e.g. 1990-01-01)

Phone Number: (e.g. 617-373-4390)

E-Mail Address: NU e-mail address (e.g.

Hall/Address: Local address of individual (e.g. Husky Hall – Room 123, 123 Sesame Street, etc)


Please provide a detailed description of the incident/concern using specific concise, objective language.  You could also attach a word document/PDF of the narrative in the next section in lieu of entering something in this section.  If you do choose to do this, please enter “Please See Attached Document(s)” in the text box.

Supporting Documentation

You may attach any supporting documentation in this section.  This may include: word documents, PDF’s, pictures, video, audio, etc.  (Max of 12 MB per file) 


Once you are done, you may click the button below to open the reporting page in a new window.

Incident reports are used to promote the health and safety of travelers by monitoring trends and assisting with the preparation of future travelers.  The details of your report, including the names of all involved, will be handled confidentially and shared on a need-to-know basis only.

Report an Incident