Health & Safety

Northeastern WorldAware and its associated Worldcue PLANNER page, is a pre-trip planning resource that provides online access to travel safety information and comprehensive destination intelligence for countries and cities around the world. To access this resource, log in to the myNortheastern portal and go to My Travel Plans.

“Know before you go” Online Travel Intelligence from Worldcue PLANNER improves NU travelers’ safety, productivity and peace of mind while on university-sponsored program.

Location Intelligence

The Worldcue system provides travelers with comprehensive information about hundreds of international and domestic locations via an online interface. Travelers will find:

  • Important Notices from the university describing protocols and policies when traveling to selected destination
  • Location Alerts for issues that may impact travel plans can be received via email and/or text message
    • Alerts are rated “critical”, “warning”, or “informational,”depending on the severity of the event
    • Alerts are published for more than 1200 destinations globally
  • World Map: Google Maps interface with active alerts marked after selecting a specific region or destination
  • Destination Intelligence for more than 191 countries and 363 cities worldwide
  • Security Rating Information: a backdrop on crime, civil unrest, kidnapping and other security-related threats
  • Location Reports including a Trip Brief, Security Brief, Health Brief and Immunization Brief
  • Online Travel Tools: Exchange Rates Converter, Time Zone and Weather Information, Health requirements, Entry/exit requirements, Telephone country codes, and major airline carries per region

Global Travel Tips

Travel tips provide guidance on more than 150 topics, including:

  • Safety best practices and identifying safe travel measures
  • Air travel health issues
  • Packing and dressing for travel
  • Dealing with entry and exit requirements
  • For other travel resources that include, but are not limited to the following, contact ISO:
    • LGBTQA travel advice
    • Traveling with prescription medication requirements
    • Pre-departure orientation (PDO) and destination specific videos
    • Recommended air carrier
    • Customized travel planning and resources assistance

Travel Intelligence® And Assistance On-the-go

WorldCue App displayed on phone

WorldAware’s Worldcue® Mobile app is designed to instantly deliver critical information and support to NU travelers before and during travel. Access to the app is granted once you’ve registered your trip on My Travel Plans. The app provides:

  • Immediate access to critical information, tools and assistance
  • Quick connection to global hotline services
  • The ability to check-in and report your status to NU ISO with the push of a button

Staying Informed While Abroad

Students traveling abroad may be exposed to unfamiliar and disruptive situations. The best way to avoid travel disruption is to stay informed as events unfold.  Worldcue® Mobile delivers the following:

  • Travel Disruption Alerts* that may impact travel plans, published for hundreds of global destinations, 24×7
  • Important Notices reminding students and travelers of policies and procedures in key locations
  • Destination Intelligence* for hundreds of cities and countries around the world, covering 10 risk categories, so students and travelers can learn about the security, health and transportation conditions at their destination prior to leaving home.
    *NOTE: intelligence content available in English and Japanese.

Connect to Global Assistance

When your students or travelers experience crisis, Worldcue® Mobile connects travelers in need to university and on the ground resources via WorldAware’s Global Hotline.  University and WorldAware responds coordinators handle each situation, so student travelers receive the assistance they need.