Travel Requirements during the COVID-19 Pandemic (High-Risk Travel)

In light of the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Northeastern University considers all potential university travel to be high-risk. Therefore, until further notice, travelers are required to seek and obtain approval via petition or acknowledgment of risk form.

University travel refers to academic or business travel undertaken by Northeastern staff, administrators, and students that is authorized, funded, coordinated, or administered by Northeastern University. This includes, but is not limited to, teaching, research, consulting, co-op, study abroad or study away, service, administrative work, field studies, volunteer work, performances, and athletic contests.

Student Travelers

Students who wish to travel on a university program must complete a petition or acknowledgment of risk:

Petitions must be approved by the Global Safety and Security Assessment Committee (GSSAC) prior to the student’s departure. Opportunities that are entirely remote do not need to complete this process.

Faculty, Staff and Administrators

Faculty, Staff and Administrators who wish to conduct international or domestic university travel must obtain approval from their next level supervisor prior to completing the Acknowledgment of Risk for Faculty and Staff Travel during COVID-19 Pandemic.

Group Travelers

No group petitions are authorized at this time.

NU Cohort Program

Programs (such as NUi.n., SemesterIN, Three Seas, etc.) are required to develop a COVID travel plan directly with the International Safety Office.  Participants on these programs are not required to submit an individual petition.

Contact or your program advisor for more information.