High Risk Country List (COVID 19 Travel Prohibition)

At this time, all non-essential university-sponsored travel, domestic and international, is suspended. This supersedes previous protocol for travel restrictions applying specifically to countries with a CDC level three advisory.

Students are able to participate in remote programming as some study abroad programs may be moving their coursework online/virtual for the Summer 2020 term.  The university will not support online/virtual learning if the program necessitates travel. Remote programs do not require a petition.

In addition, students may petition to participate in home-country global programming (study abroad and global co-op). Home-country opportunities must be approved by the Global Safety and Security Assessment Committee (GSSAC). The students must follow the Individual Petition Process explained below.

    • Go to the Exception Petition Form for Individual Travelers.
    • The Individual Traveler’s petition is for individuals wishing to complete a study-abroad, research, coop or similar experience during the non-essential travel ban. Please note: At this time, only home country opportunities will be approved due to the COVID-19 travel ban. (ex. A student who lives in Mumbai with a co-op opportunity in Mumbai)
    • Users will need to log in via their Northeastern credentials in order to gain access.
    • Upon login, users will have to select the correct petition for them.
    • When completing the forms, please make sure to save any progress made before leaving the site. If a loss in internet connection occurs or the website is closed without clicking the save button, then all information entered will be lost.
    • Once the form has been submitted, contact Northeastern’s International Safety Office (ISO) at mytravelplans@northeastern.edu to make sure the form and supporting documents have been received. ISO will set up a time to discuss your submission.
    • If you experience any technical difficulties with the form or have any additional questions, please contact mytravelplans@northeastern.edu

No group petitions are authorized while non-essential travel is suspended. Contact mytravelplans@northeastern.edu for more information.


Faculty and Staff must request travel approval during the non-essential travel suspension.  The requests must be made via the essential travel form. The decision to approve future air/train (not auto) travel will be made by one of the university’s six senior vice presidents, with input from Northeastern’s Global Safety and Security Assessment Committee. If you have any questions or requests, please contact GSSAC at 617-373-7490 or mytravelplans@northeastern.edu.

Please review the following information:

We also encourage NU community members to visits each country’s international health ministry for updated information about the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Frequently Asked Questions

At this time, all non-essential university-sponsored travel remains prohibited. Please note that university-sponsored travel to locations with a CDC Level 3 designation is not permitted. The CDC has issued a Global Pandemic Notice, recommending that travelers avoid all nonessential travel to all global destinations.

All student programs, such as Dialogues of Civilizations, study abroad, and co-op fall under the “non-essential” travel category. If students need to get on a plane to travel to their location, rent an apartment in a new city, etc. this would be considered “travel.”

Yes, however, a petition must be completed and approved by the Global Safety & Security Assessment Committee. The Global Experience Office and the International Safety Office will be reaching out to all students planning to study abroad or participate in a global co-op during Summer II to discuss their options.

Yes, students can study or co-op remotely from their home. They are prohibited from traveling at this time in order to work remotely. For example, if the co-op location is in Singapore and their home is in London, they can work for the Singaporean company from London but cannot travel to Singapore to then work remotely from an apartment there.

There is no waiver for programs that have not yet started. Students would not be able to receive credit for their experience if they decide to travel during the prohibition.

They should plan to work or study remotely for the entirety of their opportunity. If the travel prohibition is lifted and they can obtain the necessary travel documents and arrangements, then it may become a possibility. However, we cannot predict when the travel prohibition will be lifted and students should not make any financial commitments.

No, please contact the Global Experience Office at geo@northeastern.edu if you have questions regarding documentation.

Student Financial Services (SFS) is not accepting Global Presidential Scholarship applications at this time. Students who have already applied should contact SFS via sfs@northeastern.edu for further guidance.