High Risk Travel



The International Safety and Security Assessment Committee is charged with providing advice, guidance, and recommendations to the Provost and Senior Vice Presidents in response to circumstances that present a safety concern where students are, or will be, participating in a University-approved activity. The ISSAC also proactively makes recommendations in response to changing world conditions regarding programs still in the planning stages.

ISSAC reviews Exception Petitions to travel to “high-risk” destinations and makes recommendations to the Provost or Senior Vice President regarding the proposed travel.

Committee Membership

The ISSAC is appointed by the Provost and other members of the Senior Leadership Team and is co-chaired by Dr. Katherine S. Ziemer, Vice Provost and Chief of Staff for Experiential Learning and Undergraduate Education, and Khushal Safi, International Safety Specialist. The committee is composed of members from across the campus, including Dr. Malcolm Hill (Disciplinary Faculty), Dr. Michael Hoppmann (Disciplinary Faculty), Dr. Gordana Rabrenovic (Disciplinary Faculty), Dr. Joani LaMachia (Co-op Faculty), Chief Michael Davis (NUPD), Madeleine Estabrook (Student Affairs), Dr. Laura A. Wankel (Provost’s Office), Lisa Sinclair (Office of General Counsel), Barbara Healy Smith (Office of General Counsel), Sonya Ross (Risk Services), Dr. Marina Markot (Global Experience Office), and Dr. Patrick Plunkett (NU Global).

Meeting Schedule

The International Safety and Security Assessment Committee meets every other Wednesday. Completed petitions must be submitted to mytravelplans@northeastern.edu at noon the Monday before each meeting.