International Safety Office

Northeastern University (NU) is a globally engaged institution, which strives to build international and intercultural competence among NU’s community, and establish relationships and collaborations with people and institutions abroad. The university recognizes there is a level of risk involved in international activities. Therefore, Northeastern University Police Department (NUPD) established the International Safety Office (ISO) in July 2014 to identify, mitigate, and respond to these risks.

Who Are We

The ISO is housed within the NUPD. The office is comprised of three full-time administrators, who specialize in pre-departure training, global event monitoring, and 24/7 emergency response. In addition, ISO employs work-study and co-op students to assist its risk mitigation efforts and enhance the office’s GIS and communication technology.

What We Do

The ISO strives to assist NU travelers prior to international travel by providing guidance, logistics assistance, and information in order to enhance traveler safety and security awareness. The ISO also endeavors to monitor global events, assess the potential impact to NU travelers, communicate effectively with the NU community, and respond to international emergencies.

Assistance Abroad

The ISO communicates potential risks to travelers facing real or perceived travel disruptions. The office and its global response providers are on-call 24/7 to assist NU travelers in need of assistance. The ISO is able to provide advice, referral, and/or aid to travelers, whether it be a minor issue or an emergency situation, through collaboration with various international and domestic vendors, government contacts, and other resources. Travelers can obtain assistance by calling the international assistance hotline at +1.857.214.5332 or the NUPD 24/7 dispatch center at +1.617.373.3333 (emergency) or 2121 (non-emergency).

Trip Consultation and Safety Preparation

The office provides one-on-one travel consultation for Huskies traveling abroad, especially NU members traveling to high risk destinations. The university suggests members of the NU community consult with ISO about health, safety, and security concerns prior to their departure. The ISO can review itineraries, create custom maps, identify key services in your destination, and develop emergency and communication plans. Email us at to set up an appointment.