Assistant Vice Provost for Budget and Planning

The Associate Vice Provost for Budget and Planning leads the Office of the Provost’s budget unit, assists the academic units with hybrid budget model implementation, and supports faculty and staff with their planning needs. The AVP works with the 16 Provost area divisions on all fiscal matters and leads the annual budget and planning cycle.

Kirsten has been with the university for 12 years and started her career in the Central Finance Office. Before joining the Provost Office, she held a number of positions in the Khoury College of Computer Sciences, where she last served as Associate Dean of Administration and Finance.

Kirsten holds a Bachelor’s of Communication from the University of Connecticut and a Master’s in Business Administration from Northeastern University.

The Budget and Planning Team


Chris Dawson

Senior HR Associate

Chris provides centralized support for all aspects of employment administration for Provost-area divisions including, but not limited to the Provost Office, University Programs, Provost Research, Gordon Institute, and VP Burlington Campus.

Ron Durocher

Associate Director of Fiscal Affairs and Administration

Ron is responsible for the financial management and administrative oversight for all departments in the Provost Research Division.  He is the point of contact for all fiscal matters including, but not limited to financial transactions, day-to-day operations, financial analysis, and quarterly forecasts.  Ron is also responsible for and the main contact for university institutes.

Kate Walsh

Associate Director of Fiscal Affairs and Administration

Kate supports Provost Office and University Programs’ senior staff by managing their operating budgets, discretionary funds and administrative operations. She also provides support to the Academic Responsibility Centers and manages the Provost Faculty Startup process by recording, tracking and reporting on all hiring commitments.