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Faculty & Staff of Color Affinity Group

We are the Asian Faculty and Staff (AFS) affinity group at Northeastern University (NU). Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an alarming increase of anti-Asian racism, xenophobia, and isolation. Therefore, we created AFS as a way to provide a collective space for Asian faculty and staff at NU to connect, build, and empower themselves and one another.

Our mission and vision include facilitating opportunities for affirming, nurturing, and celebrating lived experiences of Asian faculty and staff; to boost visibility and recognition of Asian faculty and staff; to create a network of Asian faculty and staff, and to stand in coalition with other identity-based affinity groups on campus and strive together to make NU an inclusive academic institution.

This year, we are working on increasing our networking and outreach efforts to connect more people interested in being part of AFS and to support one another on campus.

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Past Events

2022 Fall Lunch Networking Series

2022-11-15 Networking Lunch at Symphony Sushi

2022-03-31 Honoring Atlanta Victims and Uplifting APIDA Voices Amidst Anti-Asian Violence

2021-11-19 Virtual mixer networking event for members of the Asian Faculty Staff group

2021-03-03 Anti-Asian Violence Community Healing Space for Asian American faculty, staff, and students

Steering Committee of the Asian Faculty Staff Group


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