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NU-DREAM-Inspiring-Staff-of-Color-Logo-300x200NU DREAM is a program designed to encourage personal and professional growth by increasing interaction, communication and community awareness amongst faculty and staff of color at Northeastern University.

The goals and objectives will be achieved by offering developmental workshops in areas such as networking, career progression, mentorship and social opportunities. It is our hope that participation in the program will allow individuals to Dream, take Risks, Educate themselves, Act upon their vision and find a Mentor who can be supportive of their endeavors.

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The purpose of NU DREAM is to provide personal and professional opportunities that will encourage faculty and staff of color to become more fulfilled members of the Northeastern University community. NU DREAM began as an initiative of the Notion in Motion program provided by the Chancellor’s Division. It continues as a cross-departmental collaborative effort hosted by the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (ODEI).

  • Participants will define professional goals and motivation
  • Participants will identify talents, strengths, and skills
  • Participants will strengthen current abilities
  • Participants will expand their personal and professional networks
  • To enhance sense of community among staff of color
  • To provide professional development opportunities for faculty and staff of color
  • To provide opportunities for faculty and staff of color to interact within their community
  • To provide opportunities for faculty and staff of color to improve upon personal and professional networks
  • To create networks for ongoing dialogue on issues impacting professional and career development

The 2019 D.R.E.A.M. Conference featuring Keynotes Dr. Liza Talusan and Dr. J. Keith Motley (click the links for highlights)

3rd Annual Faculty Research Presentations, featuring Rashmi Dyal-Chand, Mboyo Esole, and Martin Dias

Resume and Cover Letter Writing Workshop, facilitated by Employer Engagement and Career Design

Navigating the Performance Review Process, facilitated by John Armendariz, Office of Institutional Diversity & Inclusion

Maximizing Your Benefits, facilitated by Northeastern HRM

Financial Planning Workshop, facilitated by Nicholas Josey, Executive Director of Vincita Institute

Spineful Communication, featuring Dr. Antonio Ocampo-Guzman, Associate Professor of Theater

How to Have Difficult Conversations facilitated by Donna M. Bishop, University Ombuds

Create Your Professional Elevator Pitch facilitated by members of NU Dream committee

Best Advice Ever…Tips for Professional Development facilitated by Ralph C. Martin, Senior VP; Deloris Pettis, VP for Risk Management; Mya M. Mangawang, Associate Dean

Accessing Graduate School facilitated by the College of Professional Studies staff

and many more!

The Dr. Delia Cheung Hom Award is named in honor of the courageous visionary leader, Dr. Delia Cheung Hom during her tenure at Northeastern University. Dr. Hom embodied and embraced the qualities of true leadership, perseverance, and tenacity.

NU DREAM is a program designed to encourage personal and professional growth by increasing interaction, communication and community awareness among faculty and staff of color at Northeastern University. Each year, we give this award to an unsung hero who dares to dream and works courageously and unapologetically towards making their dreams a reality.

Past participants of this award, including Dr. Hom herself, have embodied NU Dream by:

  • Dreaming – they believe that we deserve a future of limitless opportunity, ongoing growth, and personal and professional pathways forward;
  • Risk-taking – they take the leap to make their dreams reality, such as seeking out opportunities for a new career path, new educational opportunities, new partnerships;
  • Educating themselves and others – they understand that education is a continuous process – they are a lifelong learner and educator, they are generous with their knowledge;
  • Acting upon their vision – they find solutions, they solve complex problems, they leap over roadblocks to achieve the success of themselves and others;
  • Mentorship, for themselves and others – they know the value of collaboration, experience, and knowledge, they willingly give themselves fully to others, they open new doors while holding them open for others.

Award Recipients:

  • 2020 – Lisa Brathwaite
  • 2019 – Marsha White
  • 2018 – Earlene Avalon
  • 2017 – Delia Cheung Hom

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