Northeastern University Future Leaders

Faculty & Staff Affinity Group

Northeastern University Future Leaders (NUFL) is a faculty and staff affinity group.

This group aims to provide a space for young professionals, future leaders, and others in the early to middle stages of their career trajectories who are seeking to develop and strengthen their long-term opportunities and impact across Northeastern’s global campuses. This group provides young professionals and those new to Northeastern with mentoring, professional development, networking opportunities, and a sense of community across departments.

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The mission of this group is to establish a community of faculty and staff across the institution who seek to advance personally and professionally in their careers. Our key focus areas are:

  • Career Advancement: To develop and cultivate tools and skills that aid in the professional growth of the membership and offer relevant mentorship opportunities,
    with the end goal of preparing members for the next step or phase in their career trajectories.
  • Social Engagement: To raise awareness and promote community building through volunteer drives, community events, social mixers, etc. We aim to connect young professionals and communities who are in need of services.
  • Personal Development: To facilitate the development of robust personal networks and programming for personal growth.

Please review our NUFL Working Charter. 

Dianna Bronchuk | NUFL Co-Chair, Program Coordinator, Alumni Relations, University Advancement

Kjirsten Seiler | NUFL Co-Chair, Assistant Director of Annual Giving, Phone Program, and Digital Marketing, University Advancement

Laura Adrien | Vice-Chair of Strategic Advocacy, Assistant Director, Graduate Student Services in Khoury College of Computer Sciences

Taryn Tessari | Vice-Chair of Finance, Manager of Faculty Affairs, Khoury College of Computer Sciences

Raisha Price | NUFL Planning Committee Member, Associate Director of Board Operations & Assistant Secretary to the Board of Trustees, University Advancement

Cari Roche | Vice-Chair of Strategic Advocacy, Executive Assistant to Vice Provost of Research Development, Vice Provost of Research Administration, Vice Provost of Government Affairs, Office of the Provost

Past Programs and Presentations

      • Monthly NUFL General Body Meetings
        • Please join the NUFL Planning Committee members and general body members on the last Tuesday of each month from 3:00 to 4:00 PM for NUFL updates and event planning. All NUFL members are welcome to attend. Meeting links will be send via the newsletter.
      • Liberate Your Mind: Anti-Racism Table Talk | Do The Right Thing, Fall 2020
      • NUFL: Pet Therapy Event, Fall 2020
      • Drink, Talk, Learn, Fall 2020
      • Liberate Your Mind: Anti-Racism Table Talk, Fall 2020
      • Anti-Racism Call to Action and Conversation, Summer 2020
      • A Year of Remote, Spring 2021
      • Financial Literacy Series, Spring 2021

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