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A Faculty & Staff Affinity Group for Working Parents at Northeastern

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NU Parents is a new faculty and staff affinity group for working parents.

Membership is open to all Northeastern faculty and staff who are parents or expecting parents!  We know that parenting is the hardest job and your first job! We will have events and resources for each phase of parenthood, whether you are still changing diapers, teaching your teenager how to drive a car or if your child has left the nest. Join our community for events, social networking, and mentoring.  It takes a village to raise a child – join our village.

The mission of NU Parents is to provide personal and professional development for working parents and create a strong network of fulfilled members at Northeastern University.

NU Parents began as a group in 2011 of 4 women who gathered for lunch occasionally and discussed new parenthood situations.  As women started inviting their friends, this group grew to 65 women across Northeastern colleges and departments. This group called themselves NU MOMS.  NU MOMS was responsible for petitioning Northeastern to improve their parental leave policy, which was launched in November 2018. Today, we affirm ourselves as an inclusive group to all parents at Northeastern.

  • Participants will:
    • Define professional goals and motivations
    • Identify subgroups based on identities and affiliations
    • Create leads of committees to fulfill the goals
    • Expand their personal and professional networks
    • Strive to enhance a sense of community among staff and faculty who are working parents
  • To provide professional development opportunities for faculty and staff parents through events, mentoring, social networking, and other resources.
  • To create subgroups within NU Parents which will provide resources and networking within similar phases of parenting.
  • To create networks for ongoing dialogue on issues impacting professional and career development and policy change.
  • To advocate for the working parents of Northeastern, making Northeastern an “employer of choice.”

NUParents hosts a variety of recurring events to engage all working parents at Northeastern including monthly luncheons and book club discussions.

In addition, NUParents hosts semesterly personal and professional development events..

Join the NUParents Group on Microsoft Teams. This is the space to share resources, provide input and build community. There are also sub-groups to join based on your stage of parenting.

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