The Ombuds adheres to the International Ombuds Association (IOA) Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics, as follows:


Confidentiality is the bedrock of the work of the Ombuds and helps create a safe place for visitors to share concerns and identify options. Visitors can expect communications with the Ombuds Office to be kept private and confidential. The Ombuds will only share information when explicit permission is provided by the visitor. Exceptions to confidentiality are 1) the imminent threat of serious harm to the visitor or others, and 2) Title IX concerns involving students. The Ombuds Office does not retain notes or identifying records.


The Ombuds is a designated neutral, serving as an impartial resource for Northeastern employees. She does not take sides in a dispute or advocate for any individual or office. The objective of the Ombuds Office is to advocate for fair and equitable processes and practices.


The Ombuds Office is an informal resource and not part of any formal process at the university. Communications with the Ombuds are off the record and do not put the university on notice about any issue or concern.


The Ombuds Office operates independently of other university offices and functions. The Ombuds exercises discretion about whether, when, and how to act regarding a concern, consistent with these principles. For administrative and budgetary purposes the Ombuds reports to the Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs.