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Office of the Provost

Driving growth. Igniting transformation.

The Office of the Provost leads Northeastern University’s academic and research enterprise. From supporting faculty to overseeing leadership initiatives to advancing the university’s visionary academic plan, the provost’s team is on the front lines, ensuring Northeastern thrives.

Supporting the

The Office of the Provost manages a comprehensive range of tools and initiatives for Northeastern faculty, staff, and students to innovate in teaching, find out about conferences and grant opportunities, and stay in compliance with academic and research policies.


Resources and policies for faculty and students

Explore the essential tools, support, and information needed to enhance your experience as a member of Northeastern’s academic and research community.


Announcements and events

Stay up to date with the latest Town Halls, funding information, trainings, and more.


A new vision for excellence and impact

With a focus on high-impact experiential learning and breakthrough research, Northeastern’s academic plan, Experience Unleashed, removes boundaries and empowers faculty and students to tackle—and solve—some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

A driving force
behind our

Engines for discovery and solutions, our institutes and centers bring experts together to tackle large-scale problems from all angles


A catalyst for

The Office of the Provost launches new ways to accelerate innovation and impact across traditional academic structures. 

  • IMG_Faculty-Portraits
    500 in 5
    An ambitious and fast-moving multimillion-dollar investment in recruiting 500 full-time, research-engaged faculty members over the next five years.
  • IMG_Students-Working-Lab
    Impact Engines
    An innovative way to fund and support interdisciplinary teams exploring promising ideas to solve global challenges.
  • IMG_Man-Robot
    A ground-breaking curricular initiative that integrates technological, data, and human literacies, empowering our community to learn how to create and thrive in the age of artificial intelligence.
  • IMG_Woman-PhD-Network
    PhD Network
    A network that works with Northeastern’s colleges to produce career-ready, dynamic researchers with the deep knowledge and real-world skills and literacies they need to shape global and societal solutions—in academia and industry.

Meet the leadership team

David Madigan, provost and senior vice president for academic affairs, is Northeastern University’s chief academic officer. The provost sets the vision for advancing the university’s mission and oversees the dynamic team of accomplished deans and administrators, ensuring academic and research excellence across every corner of our community. 


110 Churchill Hall 360
Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02115

(617) 373–2000

Do you have questions for the Office of the Provost? Please reach out to us.


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