Opportunities Abound: Supporting Student Global Mobility

London Campus

Experience-driven learning has been a hallmark of a Northeastern University education for more than a century—bridging classroom and career, while empowering students to become culturally aware global citizens. To support that mission and equip students with a global perspective, Northeastern has expanded its reach and currently operates 13 campuses across the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.

“By having established locations that are part of our global university system, we can design academic programs that take into account the context of each campus,” explained Tom Sheahan, Executive Vice Provost. “We’ve strategically chosen these locations because we believe students will really benefit from that integration.”

For example, the College of Engineering offers a Seattle Aerospace Residency that places students right in the middle of the Boeing enterprise. “That’s something that we can’t replicate here in Boston,” said Sheahan. “Students are learning first hand from the experts at one of the world’s biggest aircraft manufacturers.”

Sheahan also cites the Charlotte, North Carolina campus as another example, noting that it has become a healthcare hub with world-class research centers and hospitals. “We’ve exported our model, which includes all of our great academics and supports, to locations where students want to build their knowledge and start their career.”

Double the opportunity to succeed

Boston campus

Students admitted to Northeastern University London can now study simultaneously for two globally recognized degrees: a U.K. bachelor’s degree awarded by Northeastern University London and a U.S. bachelor’s degree awarded by Northeastern University.

“It’s quite appealing to our international students because they can earn their degree in London and then come to Boston or Oakland and earn their degree here,” explained Sheahan. “They gain a major competitive advantage in the global workplace.”

The university also has plans to develop a dual degree at the master’s level in collaboration with partner institutions in Europe. With two master’s degrees, students dramatically improve their global mobility and career prospects.

Setting the standard for quality

Oakland campus libraryIn addition to providing exceptional academic and professional opportunities, the university also ensures everything—from the facilities to student life to academic supports—are at the Northeastern level of quality.

“We set a certain standard for ourselves and how we like to—and need to—support our students,” explained Sheahan. “And there has been tremendous collaboration to make sure that’s happening.”

For example, in Oakland, a dedicated team connects students to an array of on- and off-campus experiential activities. This semester alone, students attended art exhibitions, visited world-famous companies, engaged in peer-to-peer club meetings, and enjoyed movie nights under the stars. Oakland students also have access to a walk-in tech bar, a state-of-the-art XR lab, and a newly opened suite for academic advising, career support, tutoring, and more.

In London, undergraduate students receive guidance from an advising team with expertise in student mobility—and they begin working together before students even arrive on campus.

Constant communication between campuses keeps things running smoothly—both in-person and virtually. Campus deans and other leaders venture out into the network for frequent meetings, alignment of priorities, and support. The university also continues to invest in ensuring quality and consistency in the academic and student experience across all locations.

“We have a new Director of Network Undergraduate Advising who oversees more unified advising for undergraduate students throughout the network,” said Sheahan. “Whether students are in London or Boston, we aim to provide a seamless advising experience for them.”